Libya Civil War

My paper is going to be about how this Civil War started and the price that Libya is paying for it and how much damage will be done after this Civil War in Libya.

        Since the beginning of February the conflict in Libya has been going on cause Omar Gaddafi the president of the country will not step down from being president. It has cause the whole country to fall into debt and poverty. Also, it has been making people rebel and forcing riot control to stop them. The buildings in the capital city of  Tripoli and the city of Misrata have been destroyed from the air strikes that NATO has dropped on them.

Since Feburary has cost 3,000 people there lives and that is sad for the families that have lost love ones. President Gaddafi part of his family do to the air strikes they sent over  one of the cities. They were trying to target him to kill him but, they hit the wrong building instead it left part of his family dead and some scraps of the building that once stood there.It has also, put the economy in jeopardy for crashing down and destroying each countries money and item income or known as the GDP.

   There is average of 50 people dying per day in Libya and that is 1,500 people per month and that is decreasing the population in a big way. If this Civil War was to end next Feburary then it could cost up to 180,000 lives of innocent people that deserved not to die and Omar Gaddafi will be responsible for all the deaths that are caused during this war. If the war will last for a year the death per day will go up to 493 people per day which will increase a lot and it could cost of GDP of Libya.

As you recall my subtopics are how it started, the price to pay, and the statistics and they are good subtopics espicially when your talking about a war. Most wars are started over big rebellions such as impeaching a president and the price you pay for the rebellion will come back on the person who caused it. After that the statistics are released and the person who caused it in this case Omar Gaddafi is responsible for every death. Finally, I wrote this so you know if the economy goes down then you most likely know why it did.




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US saved

US saved

No flying over Libya Anymore!

No flying over Libya Anymore!





Current Events

As gas prices go up the crisis in Libya keep going on and it makes are country keep going into debt slowly. Now the U.S. is trying to find ways to stop Omar Gadhafi from destroying Libya but, yet he still find ways. Also,  Japan has rose their radiation level to 7 and that is the highest it will go but, the worst nuclear disaster was in Chernobyl and it still has high radiation levels today. Also, Japan has had landslides since the aftershocks have been going on and it is hurting Japan. Finally are country is trying not to go over their budget and if they do we might be in a world of trouble.

My favorite color

My favorite color is green cause it is my school’s color and it looks awesome on anything. Also, I know when I see the color of green in the grass  I know it is baseball time and I am ready to play baseball then. When the leaves turn green then Iknow it spring and that means longer days to play baseball. The reason green is so awesome is because it tells you what season it is and if it is baseball time or winter time that is why I like green.

Current Events

The last 2 months the nations of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria have been protesting there governments and since then all I know of is the president of Egypt which was Hasni Mubarak has stepped down. In the nation of Libya president Omar Gadhafi has forced coalition forces to post airstrikes at defense systems inside the country but, now the U.S. has decided to bring in more military airstrikes within the country at certain places. Now a few weeks ago an earthquake hit Japan at a magnitude of 8.0 or higher and completely destroyed the country like the one that hit little over a year ago in Haiti but, the one that hit Japan brought a Tsunami with it which washed most of the country away. Also, Fukashima Daiichi nuclear power plant was affected by this disaster. After the Tsunami and the earthquake hit it cause all systems in the power plant to stop working and the nuclear reactors were exposed a few days after the Tsunami hit and little bit of radiation has carried halfway across the world in Maryland and it was found in the rain but it has not been found in water or milk yet. Those are the biggest current events right now and I will post more blog posts about these topics at a later date.

Importance of Tags and Categories

The importance of tags and categories is so that your post are easier to find. For example I am looking for a post about baseball and I can’t find one cause there is no tag on it. But, if I was looking for a digital technology post and there wasn’t a category or any tags for the different post about it then I would have to go through all the different post that person has. It is harder to find different post that you want if they are not categorized or don’t have any tags on it. If you don’t have tags or categories on your blog the less people will want to visit your blog and that means less comments and views.


Libya is like Eygpt
Libya is making are gas prices go up
Libya is destroying are country and there’s
Libya protest has cause over 1,000 deaths in their country
Libya’s president is ruining the country he has been ruling for 50 years
Libya, Libya, Libya what have you done?


Stupid economy that rarely gets better
Stupid telemarkers calling for info about you
Stupid government making bad decisions
Stupid crude oil price goes up so does gas prices go up as well          
Stupid unemployment rate goes down and up do to job layoffs
Stupid price of food in grocery stores going up
Stupid everything
Stupid, Stupid, Stupid eveything


Blog Respond to cyberbulling

My learning and understanding about cyberbullying is big I have learned that most teenage sucides are do to cyberbullying. I also, understand to be aware of it incase it happens and I can prevent it by blocking or deleting that person from my friends list. It is also important to understand how you can control it and how you can prevent it. Also, I have found that kids that bully other kids is do to bully being different from everybody else or for them to get attention.

Child Abuse

What are some of the main causes of Child Abuse? their children

        Child Abuse is the physical, emotional, and sexual mistreatment or neglection of children. Most causes of parents abusing their children is do to alcohol, cocaine, and herion. In 2006 1.25 million kids were abused that is 1 in every 58 children abused. The way we could stop this is by getting the parents help or getting the children out of the home. Also, children that has been neglected are more than likely to psychatric problems and signs of neglection is brusies or contusions and also, broken bones. These are bad for kids that are being abused becuse their parents are addicts of drugs and alcohol and these explain a lot of it.

 (Wikipedia-Child Abuse)        (Vincent Iannelli, M.D.)              ( Child Abuse and Neglect)