Libya Civil War

My paper is going to be about how this Civil War started and the price that Libya is paying for it and how much damage will be done after this Civil War in Libya.

        Since the beginning of February the conflict in Libya has been going on cause Omar Gaddafi the president of the country will not step down from being president. It has cause the whole country to fall into debt and poverty. Also, it has been making people rebel and forcing riot control to stop them. The buildings in the capital city of  Tripoli and the city of Misrata have been destroyed from the air strikes that NATO has dropped on them.

Since Feburary has cost 3,000 people there lives and that is sad for the families that have lost love ones. President Gaddafi part of his family do to the air strikes they sent over  one of the cities. They were trying to target him to kill him but, they hit the wrong building instead it left part of his family dead and some scraps of the building that once stood there.It has also, put the economy in jeopardy for crashing down and destroying each countries money and item income or known as the GDP.

   There is average of 50 people dying per day in Libya and that is 1,500 people per month and that is decreasing the population in a big way. If this Civil War was to end next Feburary then it could cost up to 180,000 lives of innocent people that deserved not to die and Omar Gaddafi will be responsible for all the deaths that are caused during this war. If the war will last for a year the death per day will go up to 493 people per day which will increase a lot and it could cost of GDP of Libya.

As you recall my subtopics are how it started, the price to pay, and the statistics and they are good subtopics espicially when your talking about a war. Most wars are started over big rebellions such as impeaching a president and the price you pay for the rebellion will come back on the person who caused it. After that the statistics are released and the person who caused it in this case Omar Gaddafi is responsible for every death. Finally, I wrote this so you know if the economy goes down then you most likely know why it did.




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US saved

US saved

No flying over Libya Anymore!

No flying over Libya Anymore!





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