Current Events

The last 2 months the nations of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria have been protesting there governments and since then all I know of is the president of Egypt which was Hasni Mubarak has stepped down. In the nation of Libya president Omar Gadhafi has forced coalition forces to post airstrikes at defense systems inside the country but, now the U.S. has decided to bring in more military airstrikes within the country at certain places. Now a few weeks ago an earthquake hit Japan at a magnitude of 8.0 or higher and completely destroyed the country like the one that hit little over a year ago in Haiti but, the one that hit Japan brought a Tsunami with it which washed most of the country away. Also, Fukashima Daiichi nuclear power plant was affected by this disaster. After the Tsunami and the earthquake hit it cause all systems in the power plant to stop working and the nuclear reactors were exposed a few days after the Tsunami hit and little bit of radiation has carried halfway across the world in Maryland and it was found in the rain but it has not been found in water or milk yet. Those are the biggest current events right now and I will post more blog posts about these topics at a later date.